Greg Batchelder for State Assembly District 25
Greg Batchelder for State Assembly District 25
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Why Greg Batchelder for Assembly District 25?

In the Republican primary for Assembly District 25, there are three candidates running for the seat.  You will find that our issues have much in common, better our schools, support our first responders and veterans, reduce regulations, eliminate wasteful spending, and support Nevada businesses.  These similar views on the issues make it difficult to distinguish which candidate to support.  Your choice comes down to who the candidate is as a person.  

Growing up in Nevada, then living all over the United States, and much of the world during my military career, has provided me with a different perspective than most.  My state side tours of duty allowed me to live in Florida, California, Texas, Virginia, and Colorado.   I also lived in Dubai and Japan.  The Navy has literally taken me around the world. With so many international ports visits, I have always tried to see what the local culture is like.  With all of that, I choose to come home to Reno, Nevada after retiring from military service.  I wanted to return to the beauty of the Sierras and desert. 

Reno has grown and changed.  McCarran is a complete loop and there is a South Reno and North Valleys.  Nevadans used to work more closely together to better our state but that has changed especially considering our political climate.  Riots and vandalism erupting from George Floyd protests in downtown Reno, COVID locking down our businesses, and so many other events are a call for me to serve again in a greater capacity.  I want to bring us back together and bring some common sense back to our Nevada Assembly.

I understand the bureaucracy I will deal as your representative in the Nevada Assembly from my experience with several large major staffs and my master’s degree of National Strategic Planning and Policy from the Naval War College.  The amount of work and intake of information is something I have dealt with and excelled.  Believe me, representing interests of twelve countries in the weekly briefing to the theater commander involved with wars in Afghanistan and Iraqi was a hell of task.  One principle I used and will continue to follow is to keep things simple, so that the complexity of laws, regulations, and statues are clear.

As a father of two beautiful daughters, a ski race coach for Reno High, and a ski instructor at Sky Tavern, I absolutely know that our future success is dependent upon setting our children up for success.  Small things matter.  Our Nevada Assembly has a great impact upon that future.  Nevada’s growth and future depends on what we do today.  I want to ensure that our future is safe and secure for great achievements by serving as your representative to our state legislature.  Please vote for Greg Batchelder to represent Assembly District 25.

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